Simbeyond expands its portfolio to show digital twins are the future of OLED R&D

Simulation software company Simbeyond is expanding its portfolio to guide customers in the transformation of their R&D workflow. 3 building blocks will demonstrate the team’s expert knowledge in organic electronics and show that OLED R&D cycles can have both cost reduction and acceleration by using digital twins and with the same results as traditional experimental approaches.

Simbeyond’s portfolio consists of 3 building blocks which can be used separately or together depending on the customer’s needs. These building blocks are Software & support, Knowledge services and Consultancy services.



These pillars have been designed and developed to fully support our customers in all their needs and to find better solutions for the lengthy and costly R&D cycles for both chemical suppliers and material manufacturers in the OLED industry.

Our most complete and powerful offering is our software Bumblebee. It is the first tool on the market that allows you to simulate all relevant electronic and excitonic processes in OLEDs, at the molecular scale, in all three dimensions, and from the nanosecond timescale to the full device lifetime and with its recent acceleration module, it is faster than ever before. 

Our Software and support pillar offers Bumblebee License Units, local support, on-desk assistance and customization opportunities. Our dedicated support also includes technical hands-on support, and consultancy to ensure normal software functioning and reaching your best stack results.

With our Knowledge building block, we now offer various interactive workshops, training on OLED physics, software implementation, user interface and software workflow, next to performing case studies together with hand-on support. We can also offer interactive Q&A sessions, masterclasses with a deep dive specific topic of interest from our worldwide renowned experts.

Example topics are: OLED device physics basics, specific expert-level OLED device physics topics (e.g. loss mechanisms, degradation, etc.), device optimization strategies, multiscale simulations, experimental characterization.

Our third building block is Consultancy. Here we can offer On-demand expertise whenever you need it for (only) as long as you need it, e.g. to support one of your internal projects. This specific service will leverage our domain knowledge to support you regarding: Your OLED stack challenges and setting up or optimizing your R&D workflow with a simulation-assisted approach.

Additionally, there is also the option to do either a project together with Simbeyond in collaborative mode or a project outsourced to Simbeyond. Both options will be defined and adapted to your project needs.

Are you interested in our offerings and are you ready to solve your R&D cycle challenges? To experience our products and services in a trial, do not hesitate to contact our team directly at and ask for our Promotion Plan.