Simbeyond’s simulation software Bumblebee now available in Lite and X editions

Simbeyond is proud to announce that its simulation software Bumblebee is turning 10. After a decade of continuous improvements, Bumblebee has reached a new level of performance at unprecedented speeds.

Bumblebee is Simbeyond’s state-of-the-art simulation software that can replace a significant part of trial-and-error R&D processes in the OLED market, rustling in higher cost efficiency and shorter time-to-market by essentially creating digital twins of devices.

Simbeyond’s team has worked tirelessly to improve and make Bumblebee better. The main company’s main goal has been to solve R&D challenges for customers better than ever before. One of the most recent developments in the software was its Acceleration which allows you to achieve simulation results at a minimum of 10 times faster than before, depending on the complexity of the device that is being simulated.

With this breakthrough and celebrating ten years of improvements we are launching two editions of Bumblebee, designed to provide an even better experience for our customers depending on their simulation requirements and needs.

Bumblebee Lite has a simplified user interface and experience. All the usual powers of Bumblebee simulations are now even more user friendly and capable. Bumblebee Lite will also be a great way to get introduced to Bumblebee’s powerful capabilities.

Bumblebee X  reflects the next step in Bumblebee’s development, which builds on all the experience and reliability while adding the new possibilities to our familiar product. A faster and better edition which includes the full Bumblebee software capabilities.

Are you interested in what the new Bumblebee editions include and are you ready to solve your R&D cycle challenges? 

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