Head into Bumblebee’s brand new Material Library

Simbeyond’s state-of-the-art simulation software Bumblebee now has a brand new Material Library. The library’s first edition is available for customers to make use of in order to make their OLED R&D cycles even shorter.

The Simbeyond team is proud to announce that their simulation software Bumblebee has a brand new Material Library available for all its customers!

Bumblebee is the first tool on the market that allows you to simulate all relevant electronic and excitonic processes in OLEDs, at the molecular scale, in all three dimensions, and from the nanosecond timescale to the full device lifetime. As a result, our customers use virtual discovery or in other words digital twins to develop new materials and improved device architectures, resulting in higher cost efficiency and shorter time-to-market.

The Simbeyond team is continuously improving Bumblebee and the Material Library is set to make customers’ R&D cycles even shorter by using a library of predefined materials connected to OLEDs, whose parameters were extracted from literature with state-of-the-art experimental methods. New and existing customers (including local ones) will be able to access Bumblebee’s Material Library. Device manufacturers will now be easily able to access parameters from Bumblebee’s library without the need to do physical experiments by themselves. And material suppliers will be able to use the library by adding their materials (and parameters) to the library so all device manufacturers can see and work with them, obviously without disclosing any confidential and sensitive information related to the material composition.

Customers can access the library on Bumblebee’s user-friendly web interface when creating a new material they want to simulate. From a drop down menu, one will be able to search materials in the library, which can then be copied to the project/material you want to simulate. The parameters of the material will all already be pre-filled and ready to go. Of course, customers can also change some of the standard parameters from the Material Library for specific simulations if necessary. Bumblebee will then run the simulation.

The Material Library’s first edition is now available and will be updated on a regular basis. Customers will be able to see new material additions as part of Bumblebee’s release cycle news items.

Are you ready to try the new Material Library and experience the power of Bumblebee and digital twins? Request a demo now by contacting Simbeyond’s team directly at sales@simbeyond.com.