Simbeyond’s state-of-the-art simulation software Bumblebee is available in a new local edition. The software previously available in a cloud edition, now allows customers to choose between Cloud or Local, making it easier than ever before to experience the power of simulations in their organic electronics R&D cycle.

The Simbeyond team is proud to announce that its simulation software Bumblebee is now available in a Local Edition!

Bumblebee is the first tool on the market that allows you to simulate all relevant electronic and excitonic processes in OLEDs, at the molecular scale, in all three dimensions, and from the nanosecond timescale to the full device lifetime. As a result, our customers use virtual discovery or in other words digital twins to develop new materials and improved device architectures, resulting in higher cost efficiency and shorter time-to-market. Up to now, Bumblebee was available in a cloud edition with customers having their own personal local environment.

Simbeyond’s team is dedicated to continuously improving Bumblebee and satisfying demands expressed by the organic electronics market. This is why the software will now be available in two main options: cloud or local.

If a customer chooses this edition of Bumblebee, Simbeyond’s team can support different types of local set-ups customized to your local infrastructure so your simulation needs are satisfied even better.

Are you ready to try the new Bumblebee Local Edition and experience the power of digital twins, request a demo now by contacting our team directly at