Title: Clarifying the mechanism of triplet–triplet annihilation in phosphorescent organic host–guest systems: A combined experimental and simulation study
Authors: L. Zhang, H. van Eersel, P.A. Bobbert, R. Coehoorn
Chemical Physics Letters 652 (2016) 142–147

At high brightness, triplet–triplet annihilation (TTA) reduces the efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes. Triplet diffusion may considerably enhance this effect, which is otherwise limited by the rate of long-range interactions. Although its role can be clarified by studying the emissive dye concentration dependence of the TTA loss, we demonstrate here the practical applicability of a more direct method, requiring a study for only a single dye concentration. The method uses transient photoluminescence yield measurements, for a wide initial excitation density range. The analysis is applied to an iridium complex and is supported by the results of kinetic Monte Carlo simulations using Bumblebee.



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