Simbeyond’s simulation software Bumblebee gets new wings

Simbeyond achieves significant acceleration of its simulation software Bumblebee and kinetic Monte Carlo accuracy is now available close to the speed of drift diffusion. Bumblebee can now simulate OLED devices in all three dimensions, and from the nanosecond timescale to the full device lifetime at a minimum of 10x faster than before.

Bumblebee is Simbeyond’s state-of-the-art simulation software that receives a new set of wings. The software is specifically optimized for the simulation of opto-electronic processes in disordered systems, such as OLEDs, OPV and OFETs.

The software is the first tool on the market that allows you to simulate all relevant electronic and excitonic processes in OLEDs, at the molecular scale, in all three dimensions, and from the nanosecond timescale to the full device lifetime. As a result, our customers use virtual discovery or in other words digital twins to develop new materials and improved device architectures, resulting in higher cost efficiency and shorter time-to-market. 

The Simbeyond team is dedicated to continuously improving Bumblebee and the speed of its simulations to be able to stay ahead and deliver the best service to our customers.  In a nutshell, simulations that were previously too slow (more than a month) now only take a few days to give results, depending on the complexity of the device you are simulating. 

New and existing customers will be able to achieve results in a quick and efficient way which will in turn speed up their R&D cycle. This acceleration also unlocked the low voltage regime, allowing you to simulate devices in lower energy levels that were not supported before. The acceleration will be deployed for Cloud Editions.

Simbeyond has also made sure to make the acceleration easily accessible on its already user-friendly interface. Customers will be able to use a  toggle button to turn acceleration on or off. Current academic and industrial customers will be able to make use of this acceleration, as well in their latest Bumblebee update. 

If you want to experience the power of Bumblebee, request a demo now by contacting our team directly at