Simbeyond attends the OLEDs World Summit in San Francisco, California

Simulation software company Simbeyond will attend this year’s edition of the OLEDs World Summit in the US in person. Simbeyond will attend the summit with a talk.

The OLEDs World Summit will take place October 26-27 in San Francisco, California, US. The summit is the longest running conference dedicated to the lighting and display industry. The summit is a great place to get a comprehensive view of the current OLED market, innovations for the future, and a closer look at competing and emergent technologies.

Our Business Development Manager, Willem-Jan Derks will attend the event on behalf of Simbeyond. Willem-Jan will present a talk titled: How to Improve OLED R&D Workflows with Digital Twins which will present the added-value of using simulation software in solving R&D challenges. The talk will take place on October 27, at 13.30.

Additionally, this year’s program will explore the latest developments taking place within the OLED value chain, providing attendees with timely insights surrounding the impact of COVID-19, innovation and product advancements, emerging solutions and material developments, current product trends, and new opportunities for growth and increased market share.



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