Simbeyond’s commitment to provide our customers with the best user experience is shown once more with the release of a new Bumblebee API for Python that will allow users to efficiently start parallel simulations with varying parameters and collect their results ‘with the push of a button’. 

The Simbeyond team is proud to announce the release of an upgraded Bumblebee API for Python that will allow Bumblebee users to launch many simulations in parallel with varying parameters and  access the processed results directly with Python !

Our software Bumblebee already ranks very high on user-friendliness among our customers, and our development team continues to work on new additions that make simulating complex devices even easier. 

With the new Bumblebee API for Python, it becomes possible to automate the simulation workflow from the input specification, to the collection and analysis of the results. All the online reports and graphs that Bumblebee offers are now easily accessible via the Bumblebee Python API. Advanced Bumblebee users can automatically collect simulation results and perform further processing in Python with complete freedom and personalization.

Simbeyond’s customers benefit from our continued efforts to improve the user experience with new features and capabilities for our cutting-edge Bumblebee software as well as the consulting services provided to some of the largest players in the industry. 

Would you like to know more about how our new Bumblebee API can help you with automating your simulation workflow?  Are you ready to experience the power of digital twins with our Bumblebee simulation tools? Request a demo now by contacting our team directly at