Simbeyond presents an unprecedented addition to Bumblebee, allowing its customers to take their R&D to the next level by a fully-integrated  workflow for electro-optical simulations of OLED digital twins.

The Simbeyond team is proud to announce that we are launching a new product that was frequently requested by our customers: the optical outcoupling simulation tool! This  powerful optical simulation tool is fully-integrated into Bumblebee and thus can leverage the predictive power of our 3D kinetic Monte Carlo engine to get ever more detailed predictions with a single simulation tool!

With the fully-integrated optical module of Bumblebee you can now simulate the electrical and optical behavior of your stacks directly from the Bumblebee user interface. Light propagation, reflections, transmission, and interference, next to other optical features like dipole orientations, polarizations etc., and their interplay with the electrical behavior of the device are now considered when simulating and predicting EQE, power efficiency, color point, and other optical characteristics of the stacks. 

For example, with this fully-integrated module, the effect of inhomogeneities in the exciton profile on the amount, and color, of the light escaping the device is automatically included.

This means that in a single simulation tool you can now build the nanoscale digital twin of your device in 3D, and simulate its electronic, excitonic, and optical behavior without the need of multiple simulation tools or additional data processing.

In response to repeated customer requests, Simbeyond’s team has been working hard on this new feature that further establishes Bumblebee as the most advanced simulation tool for OLEDs on the market. This development demonstrates our dedication to build simulation tools that address the technological challenges of our customers. It allows our clients to gain even more value from the use of our cutting-edge Bumblebee software, saving time and resources in their R&D.

Would you like to know more about our fully-integrated Optical Outcoupling tool within Bumblebee? Or are you ready to experience the power of digital twins with our simulation tools, request a demo now by contacting our team directly at