Simbeyond launches flexible license scheme for Bumblebee Lite

The Simbeyond team is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary new flexible format to deliver our Bumblebee Lite software : only pay for the computing capacity that are actually used for simulations by our customers! Our commitment to continuously provide the best product and services to our users has resulted in this unique format for those Bumblebee Lite customers that required flexibility in their simulation work.

Bumblebee Lite is the ideal tool to introduce your organization to the benefits of simulation and the power of digital twins for your R&D. Our customers can save up to 60% of their R&D costs and 40% of their time-to-market using Bumblebee’s 3D kinetic Monte Carlo simulation. Our new integrated Optical Outcoupling tool adds a new dimension to Bumblebee, making it an unprecedented R&D software for organic electronics R&D. Customers currently using a dedicated optical outcoupling tool (limited to only that type of simulations) can discover so much more with a single tool with best-in–class electronic and excitonic simulations.

Simbeyond now offers a flexible license scheme for Bumblebee Lite starting at 999 Euro/month, including : 

  • 1000 free computing core hours per month for simulations 
  • the excitonics module
  • the optical outcoupling module
  • our breakthrough acceleration for 3D kinetic Monte Carlo simulations
  • a monthly Q&A session

After the 1000 monthly included core hours have been used, the customer only pays per core hour they actually use!

For those customers that prefer to use Bumblebee with its extended set of functionalities, contact our sales team regarding the Bumblebee X edition.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and start exploring what simulation and digital twins can do to optimize your R&D!

Customers that purchase their Bumblebee Lite flexible license scheme before August 31, 2023 will not pay the first month’s fixed price!*




*Conditions apply